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There are many people today that love their pets, but also lead business lives.  Sydney dog doors supplied and fitted by DMA are a product that can help ease some of the pressures of owning a dog.

It’s nice to be able to come home from work and know that you have time to grab a drink, go out with friends, or hit the gym and not sit there worrying about your dog crossing their legs or coming home to an accident in your house.

Having a dog door will make your life easier and your dog’s life more enjoyable. 

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Dog doors come in various shapes and sizes depending on the size of your dog and where you intend on having your dog door fitted.

sydney dog doors

Sydney dog doors installed by glaziers

If glass is you chosen location our professional glaziers will install a dog door to suit your dog.

We hire professionally trained glaziers. They carry out glass dog door installations to the highest standards complying with the Australian Standards, Glass in Buildings AS1288. 

Our glaziers will install everything for you in a professional manner, including the glass and the dog door.

Great for the whole family

We want to make sure that we improve your pet’s quality of life with the minimum of disruption to your life.

Having a dog door gives you the freedom to let your dogs go in and out as you please.

For the family, this is a great thing because you don’t have to worry about getting home to let the dog out. 

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Once trained, you’ll know that they will have the ability to get outside when they want. 

For this reason, they will be more likely to get outside and move around and spend less time snoozing on the couch!  Plus, fewer accidents to have to worry about!

If you have a dog, there is a good chance you may need a doggy door to make everyone’s life easier.

Advantages of a dog door

  • Make your life easier
  • Give your pet freedom to do what they want to do
  • They relieve pet owners stress
  • Pet gets more exercise
  • Less mistakes inside

Professional installation

The best way to install a doggy door is to let a professional company do it for you.

DIY installations in materials like glass can cause problems in many situations. Breaking the glass is a likely outcome.

Our team of installers will ensure you’ll get it installed right because we are always going to use qualified tradesmen.  Our glass doggy door installers are glaziers, meaning that they professionally work with glass and they know what they are doing. 

We hold our employees to the current requirements of Australian Standard AS1288. We can guarantee that you’ll receive a quality doggy door that both you and your dog will be happy with.

Make your dog’s life easier

You can stop worrying about getting home and have the peace of mind by installing a doggy door. 

For most people, our pets are like our children. As a result we’d do whatever it takes to make sure that they are happy and healthy. Allowing your dog to go in and out as they please through doggy doors does just that. 

Take a look at what we can offer or give us a call to help you out.

It doesn’t matter where you want to put your doggy door, we will help you install them and we will make sure that they get done right. 

Having a doggy door will make your life so much easier and your dog will be thanking you! 

Be sure that you are calling us soon so that we are able to help you install your doggy door and make it so that your dog can have the freedom to get in and out as they please.

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