Pet Doors

Adding a cat or a dog to your family can be a big step, and if you are truly planning to make this new pet a part of your family, you will want to make certain changes in your home for their comfort and overall well-being. Pet doors can be the perfect solution.

Installing a pet door in your Sydney home can provide a number of advantages you may not have considered yet.

Pet Doors
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The convenience of a pet door

Of course, the first benefit that comes to mind is convenience.  Your dog can go out whenever it needs to go without the need for you to let it out or back in.  This is a huge added convenience both for you and for your dog. 

Waiting to be let out when it is having a bladder emergency of sorts can be excruciating, and if it is in the middle of the night and you are a heavy sleeper, this may lead to an accident on the carpet.

Toilet Training

Another point in the list of advantages of pet doors is that it makes toilet training much easier. 

If, from the start, your dog learns to go out without waiting by the door, the task of relieving itself outside will be much easier for it to understand.

Both of these two points lead to another important benefit:  cleanliness.  If your dog learns right away to go to the toilet outside, and if it can do this whenever necessary without any human assistance, you will endure far fewer messes and accidents in the house. 

This eliminates stained carpets, foul odours, and wet socks, none of which is desirable in any home.

A Healthier Pet

The advantages of pet doors spread far beyond your own convenience and housekeeping. 

If your dog has the ability to go outside and play whenever it desires, it will get more exercise on a daily basis than it would if it were forced to wait until you are available to let it out, especially if you are gone at work or school for a long period of time each day. 

You can go to work, knowing that it can go outside if it wishes, and that it is able to let itself in if it starts to rain or gets too cold.  Your dog will be able to meet some of his basic needs, even if you are not there to help it.

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