Pet Door Comparison

Once you have made to decision to buy a cat or a dog you may decide to install a pet door so it can easily get in and out of the house without human assistance.

Choosing to install a pet door and knowing how to choose a pet door are two entire different things.

Pet Doors For Glass

A pet door for glass will allow your pet to come and go as he pleases while letting little or no cold air in the winter or warm air in the summer. Although they among the most attractive of all pet doors they are very effective in keeping the weather outside where it belongs, but gives your pet the freedom to go out and come in on their own.

Electronic Pet Doors

A little more sophisticated, electronic pet doors are designed to allow your dog or cat to come and go at will, while keeping out strays and wild animals. 

They work by utilizing a door that opens, responding to a signal given off by the pet’s collar.  If another animal, or an intruder, approaches the door, it will remain shut.

Magnetic Doors

Another option in your quest to learn how to choose a pet door is the magnetic door.  Like the electronic door, it responds to a magnetic key in your pet’s collar. 

This is a great idea if you want your dog to be able to come and go, but you want to keep your cat indoors.  It is also an ideal way to keep your baby safe; crawling babies will go anywhere your do will go.

Whatever pet door your choose, be sure to purchase one that is meant to be installed in the surface you are working with, whether that be a metal, glass, or timber door, or a wall. 

The only way to know how to choose a pet door is to shop around, research what is available, and ask questions, so you will be making an educated decision.

Pet doors for glass panels offer a seamless design that blend into your home. They are able to be fitted in windows, doors or low panels around the house. Their slimline design make them one of the more desirable pet doors on the market

In many situations the installation of a pet door into an existing wood door is the obvious choice. Laundry doors are a common location for these types of pet doors. Besides offer access to the home, a laundry can double as a inside retreat for your pet during bad weather or hot and cold days.

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